Wide leg Pants outfit

Hello Ladies!

I took a mini break from blogging and shopping since Ramadan started. It’s been a very productive Ramadan so far Alhumdulillah, hope it stays the same 🙂 But a month is too long of  a time for me to stay away from blogging so instead of walking around the mall and wasting my energy, I online shopped a couple of pieces and I have to say I think I like it. I’ve never been a fan of online shopping only because I’m really impatient. I ordered all my makeup brushes online and I remember paying like $30.00 extra for express shipping and then missing the delivery 2 days in a row, giving up and asking them to just leave it for pick up and not being able to pick up until the end of the week. So yeh, online shopping and me were not really on good terms. This time around my order came in 2 days and I learned I don’t really need to pay for express shipping and probably just need patience.



These wide leg pants are the next best thing after maxi skirts! I did not want to take them off they were so comfortable! Also I don’t believe I’ve seen these pants at the store and I think they are online exclusive. I will link the pants down below if you guys are interested in getting them, they come in black as well.





I am in love with this silky button down shirt from h&m, when they came out I only bought one colour and I was like it’s ok I’ll slowly get them all only to realize they never got them again 😦 I hunted outlet stores, their website but nothing. Only hoping they’ll bring them back again this winter. (fingers crossed)

PicMonkey Collage8.jpg

That’s all from this look! I don’t think the pictures do justice to how gorgeous these pants actually were I think that’s all I’m going to wear this summer! Hope you guys liked it, let me know what you think!


What I'm wearing 

Pants - Forever 21  CAD 29.90

Shirt -  H&M CAD 29.90 (old Unfortunately)

Heels - Call it spring  CAD 54.99 

Bag - Aldo   CAD 50.00



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