Linen Pants – Work outfit

Hello Ladies!!

Hope you had an amazing long weekend, mine was spent chasing ice cream trucks, running downtown missions in the middle of the night, watching Game of Thrones, having a picnic and most importantly planning what to wear to work for the coming week.I’m unfortunately well aware of the struggle of waking up in the morning and spending 10 minutes in bed just trying to figure out what to wear then another 10 minutes in front of the closet trying to find what I thought I would be wearing and only to find the pants from yesterday, the shirt from day before yesterday and settling for whatever masterpiece is created in this chaos. In the hopes of getting more organized with everything, I decided to prepare my outfits well in advance which saves me SO much time in the morning also pre planning the outfits gets me a little excited in the morning and motivates me to get up earlier and do my hair and make up properly, because we all know an outfit can never be on fleek if your hair and makeup aren’t.

That being said I wanted to do an office look because we can all use any sort of inspiration we can get to get dressed every morning. Also for me, working at a bank means we have to dress well every single day so when I go shopping I always buy pieces that I can also wear to work. Here’s more from this look.



These linen pants are my FAVOURITE pants to wear in the summer. I’ve worn these pants multiple ways in the last week since the weather started getting a little warmer and theres so many different prints available everywhere I’m tempted to stock up on all of them.



Hope you liked this look and if you want me to do more posts about work outfits, feel free to email me or comment here. Until next week beauties!



What I'm wearing

Botton down shirt - H&M   CAD 19.00

Pants - Forver 21 (an oldie) CAD 19.99 

Clutch - ALDO (oldie) on sale for CAD 14.00

Necklace - Jcrew factory outlet CAD 29.99

Bracelete - Banana republic ( a gift from my little broski when he worked there)
Heels - Aldo (oldie) on sale for CAD 30.00

One thought on “Linen Pants – Work outfit

  1. Amrita says:

    Hey you, love it !
    Great pairing together and I totally agree; have a pair of linen pants and cherish them too. Awesome post


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