Maxi dress – How to take it from 9 to 5

How can a summer wardrobe be complete without a floral maxi dress? If I was told to pick one thing and wear it all summer I would pick a maxi dress.Since they come in so many different styles, you’ll always be able to find one that compliments your body. Picking the right print is also very important for example if you’re petite you can get away with a smaller print but if you’re a bit fuller small print will just add more pounds, instead choose a bigger floral print, like I did.


This is perfect for days when you have something planned right after work. Usually Wednesdays to snag all the hump day deals and to reward yourself for making it half way through the week. It’s so easy to make this dress go from dressy to not so dressy but still chic. I would usually not wear any statement accessory with a  dress like this because the print itself is busy but once I wore the blazer, the statement necklace completed the look like a missing puzzle piece. To take the dress from office to dinner, just remove the jacket to reveal frilly sleeves and replace the statement necklace with cute studs, that thanks to my hair you can’t really see but trust me on it, they looked pretty cute.Another important thing to change this look that you can’t see in pictures were the shoes. Switch out the heels you would wear to work for cute jewelled sandals like I did because you know your feet need a break and sandals to work….well,  you can wear them of course if your work allows it but I don’t really consider them business casual.

I think I’ve covered a lot in this post. Let me know If you like me rambling on and on about everything that I’ve learned with experience, you can email me or comment here. I love to hear from you guys!!!

Here’s more from this look. I’m gonna try to shut up now. 🙂






I said I’ll try, I did and I failed because can we talk about the background for a second? For those of you who follow me on snapchat you know where I was and for those of you who don’t, its too bad maybe you should follow me. LOL kidding and it’s not like I discovered this new hidden place that no one knows of, I had to squeeze myself in with 4 engagement shoots and 10 additional couples taking selfies all around this only one perfectly bloomed magnolia tree (yes, I learned this was not a cherry blossom tree because of the cold weather they haven’t bloomed yet 😦 just my luck ) at High Park, Toronto. I’ve only been there once before about 6 years ago and I forget how beautiful that place is! If you’re looking for date ideas for the summer, a cute little picnic at high park could definitely be one!


I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if you guys want me to do more business casual looks. hope you guys have a great week ahead!


What I'm wearing 

Maxi dress - Forever 21  CAD 39.99

Long Overpiece Blazer - Dynamite Clothing  CAD 44.95 (I actually bought mine a while ago they just carry this blazer in multiple colours all the time!! )

Statement necklace - Ardenes CAD 14.00






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