Rainy-day Outfit

April Showers bring May flowers, we say that every time it rains but I mean we all know that April showers are probably going to bring May thunderstorms because we live in Canada. This rainy weather was giving me all the right feels to do a cute rainy-day look and although I would have loved to pair my rain boots with a cute dress and knee high socks this bipolar Canadian weather will never make it possible for anyone of us to wear that, so keeping it very realistic this is probably what we would be able to wear on a rainy day!

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OOTD- For the love of lace

Easiest way to make any outfit fancy is to incorporate lace to it somehow. If you follow my blog long enough you’ll realize how much I love lace or anything girly and this top is the definition of girly! If I could change one thing bout this top that would probably be the length of it, it’s a crop top and it works well with the high waisted pants but for my body type it would have worked a lot better if it was a little longer.

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Spring Blues

Hello Girlies!

For my very first post I wanted to share an outfit that’s both easy to achieve and looks good on anyone. I’ve been hunting for a perfect pair of white pants that are affordable for a while now and thankfully this one is exactly what I was looking for. They are definitely high maintenance specially for me since I’m such a slob when I’m eating but if you can take care of them they’re a must have for Spring/Summer. White pants are so universal you can pair them with ANYTHING!

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