How I turned my life around..

An advice from a regular girl who decided to make a change. 

First, I really want to thank all of you for your concerned e-mails and messages about why I stopped blogging, It’s been a heck of a year for me. I could write over a thousand words about that but today I wanted to talk about something that has always been very important for me. Being Happy.

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Fall outfit- long blazers

Hello Everyone!

It’s been so long since I posted last and for that I’m so so sorry, It’s been a very busy couple of months and I haven’t been able to take much time out to blog. Just like everyone I have a lot going on and even though I would love to talk all about it for now I’ll just focus on the outfit 🙂  Continue reading

Crop tops and Culottes

Hello Everyone!

I know, I know, it’s been so long and no matter how many excuses I make it still doesn’t make it ok, but you’ll forgive me right? I thought so. Lots of love to everyone who sent concerned emails asking me if I stopped blogging. No, I didn’t, I’ve just had a very busy 2 months packed with anniversaries, birthdays and more birthdays, Summer is always very expensive for me. Now that all that is over, I’m back to being broke and back to this blog!  Continue reading

Wide leg Pants outfit

Hello Ladies!

I took a mini break from blogging and shopping since Ramadan started. It’s been a very productive Ramadan so far Alhumdulillah, hope it stays the same 🙂 But a month is too long of  a time for me to stay away from blogging so instead of walking around the mall and wasting my energy, I online shopped a couple of pieces and I have to say I think I like it. Continue reading

Rainy-day Outfit

April Showers bring May flowers, we say that every time it rains but I mean we all know that April showers are probably going to bring May thunderstorms because we live in Canada. This rainy weather was giving me all the right feels to do a cute rainy-day look and although I would have loved to pair my rain boots with a cute dress and knee high socks this bipolar Canadian weather will never make it possible for anyone of us to wear that, so keeping it very realistic this is probably what we would be able to wear on a rainy day!

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OOTD- For the love of lace

Easiest way to make any outfit fancy is to incorporate lace to it somehow. If you follow my blog long enough you’ll realize how much I love lace or anything girly and this top is the definition of girly! If I could change one thing bout this top that would probably be the length of it, it’s a crop top and it works well with the high waisted pants but for my body type it would have worked a lot better if it was a little longer.

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